Bass Guitar Instruction

bass guitar instruction
Where I can find a free course?

I just bought my first Guitar yesterday. I had a DVD with instructions on how to play the notes and everything necessary for beginners kno … but its confusing as hell! My father has this book I was looking and more useful than the DVD, but that's really also confusing. so I'm leaving my house in a week to go to college and I'm going to find a place to take classes, but meantime, I have no money to take the place where I live. So my question is … I did not meet anyone a book or website that can help me learn to play the bass that is not confusing and it's free? thanks! email just to clarify, I am a real person who has to help, but that's in a week because when I leave. is just a little and start collecting sumwat wat I've learned and continue from there with a person. Eic someone has yet to play the guitar, but Sumone am asking small questions extreemely rules im confused about. hav not had time to teach myself

you can always seek help from their friends at school or someone you know.

How To Play Bass Guitar – Lessons for Beginners – Open Strings

Hal Leonard Bass Method - Complete Edition: Books 1, 2 and 3 Bound Together in One Easy-to-Use Volume!

Hal Leonard Bass Method – Complete Edition: Books 1, 2 and 3 Bound Together in One Easy-to-Use Volume!


(Bass Method). The critically acclaimed Hal Leonard Electric Bass Method Second Edition in a handy composite edition! Contains 3 books and 3 CDs for Levels 1, 2 and 3….

Bass Guitar For Dummies

Bass Guitar For Dummies


Updated with the latest bass guitar technology, accessories, and more The bass is the heart of music. So leave center stage to the other musicians-you have more important work to do. You can find everything you need to dominate bass in Bass Guitar For Dummies, 2nd Edition. You’ll get expert advice on the basics, like deciding what kind of bass to pick up and which accessories are necessary and wh…

Bass Guitar For Those With No Talent

Bass Guitar For Those With No Talent

If you want to learn to play the bass guitar quickly and easily this book is for you. I believe you will find my teaching method unique. As you learn the chord forms and notes you will also learn how they fit together to make up songs. For example, a song in the key of C has four main chords that go together to make up the song. C, F, G, and Am. My lessons are given by keys. YEach chapter is devo…

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